This is our first model and it has all the technological elements of the brand, similar to the used on space technology. As all our UL models, it includes our Ultra Light technology, giving the sensation of not wearing anything. It is a perfect piece of clothing to wear daily. Up to 0 degrees temperatures, it's perfect. For harder conditions, we recommend our heavycoats, which offer a greater degree of protection.


A fashion  jacket for man ideal for sports or informal occasions. It has  5 points of patented heat generation that together with the transpiration technology, also patented, create an unparalleled thermal experience.


All with our nice electric colours. MAN AND WOMAN JACKET


Please, check the technical specifications at the bottom of the page to get more details about our system.




Este es nuestro primer modelo y tiene todos los elementos tecnológicos de la marca, similares a los utilizados en la tecnología espacial. Como todos nuestros modelos UL, incluye nuestra tecnología Ultra Light, que ofrecen la sensación de no llevar nada. Es una prenda de vestir perfecta para usar a diario, especialmente en entretiempo,  hasta temperaturas de 0 grados. Para condiciones más duras, recomendamos nuestras abrigos para hombre, que ofrecen un mayor grado de protección y aislamiento térmico.


Una chaqueta de moda para hombre ideal para ocasiones deportivas o informales. Tiene 5 puntos de generación de calor que junto con la tecnología de transpiración, también patentada, crean una experiencia térmica sin igual.


Todo con nuestros colores eléctricos estandarte de la marca. Por favor, revise las especificaciones técnicas al final de la página para obtener más detalles sobre nuestro sistema.


Cod SKU: UL0
  • 1.SEVE  HEATING ZONES. Powered by an included, 5-Volt battery that plugs inside the bottom left pocket, this jacket is designed with 7 intelligently integrated heating zones  and three temperature settings. It includes all the features needed to help you brave blistering cold conditions with no worries.

    2.THREE OPERATION MODES. From the led button on the chest, you can control the interior temperature level. The LED changes color depending on the selected temperature level, reaching up to 55 degrees of temperature at its maximum level.

    3.DURABLE BATTERY. Our batteries are optimized to offer maximum conford experience, lasting up to 14 hours of uninterrupted use at conford level and 5 hours at maximum level. All in a small size and weight that allow you to forget their presence.

    4.WATER-RESISTANT SHELL. Made using 100% polyester fabric, the shell of the jacket is water-resistant to make it more difficult for water to get inside, keeping you drier in wet, rainy conditions. MAXIMUM COMFORT. soft fleece that renders good insulating properties without much weight. Providing you with an extraordinary, comfortable experience, you can enjoy three hours of heating function to see you through the bitter cold, winter season.

    5.WASHABLE MATERIALS & PREMIUM COMPONENTS. Water Resistant, Wind Resistant, Washer Safe. Just need to remove the battery before washing.

    6.FASHIONABLE. Fashion designs adapted to day to day. They are versatile garments that can be combined for daily use. Our system can be adapted to any type of garment, but we bet on latest fashion garments with a more casual look.

    7.MOBIL CHARGER. - Our charging device has USB output that allows the charging of mobile phones or other devices. An additional value added to our system.


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    Fabric: 100% polyester
    Filling: 80% duck down, 20% feather
    Lining: 100% polyester

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