Bubus - The most advanced heated jackets and smart clothes

We are the future, we are ...




We design to create a trend. All our designs maintain the same breakthrough line true to our brand values. Allways developing new designs and new materials that make our products unique, and much more advanced that any other jackets in the market.

The flame that symbolizes strength and fire, are always present in the chest, to light up when we need heat.


We bet on an ultra light, comfortable and full of life jackets. With striking colors that simulate the positive spirit of the company as well as the self-confidence and character of its customers.

The UL models are ideal for use on any occasion, especially during the off season. 

ITALIAN TEch & Design

We are appliying the newest technologies to clothing, opening a new dimension of possibilities and opportunities. 

Our first goal has been to apply heating technology to jackets for men and woman, to create an unique wearing experience to our clients.

That is how our concept was born.

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